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Flipping.rocks is a Mastodon server (running the Hometown fork) that is a cozy online home for arthropod enthusiasts, fungi fans, herpers, and other lovers of weird little creatures. Learn more about us here.

For major updates and news, see the blog. You can subscribe to the RSS feed for updates.

The owner and admin is Neville Park, a Torontonian politics blogger and arachnid enthusiast. My personal account is @nev@​flipping.rocks; if the site is down, my even more personal account is @nev@​bananachips.club.


Admin account: @a‌@flipping.rocks
Email: admin‌@flipping.rocks

We are hosted by fedi.monster. If you'd like to chip in for hosting costs, you can support us on OpenCollective. You can also support affordable, accessible fediverse hosting by contributing to fedi.monster directly.