flipping docs


These are the rules found at flipping.rocks/about.

  1. Don't be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, fatphobic, etc., you know the drill. Don't interact with people if they've asked you to stop doing so. Don't be a "reply guy".

  2. Be considerate when posting photos of commonly feared animals like bugs, snakes, etc.: use informative descriptions or hashtags so people can filter them out if they want, and/or mark media as sensitive so it is hidden behind a click.

  3. Act as an ambassador for wildlife; aim to stimulate people's curiosity, not shame them for fear or ignorance.

  4. Credit other artists/photographers/creators appropriately when posting their work.

    Do your best to only post images and other media that you have permission to use, and credit the original creators. Accounts (on flipping.rocks and elsewhere) that only exist to post other people's work without permission or adequate credit (i. e., picspam accounts) will be suspended.

  5. Don't do/discuss doing/link to illegal shit. Neither I nor this server's host are willing to go to jail for you.