flipping docs

Safety, privacy, & moderation

Safety and privacy

Your account can be as public or locked-down as you like. Please look through the settings thoroughly. Here are some things you may want to adjust.

Profile settings (flipping.rocks/settings/profile):

  • If you would like to manually approve followers, check "Require follow requests".
    Note: You will still get follow requests from users that are on servers silenced by you or flipping.rocks.
  • Flipping.rocks has a public profile directory. If you would like your profile included, check the box "Suggest account to others".
  • Check "Hide your social graph" to make it so that other people cannot see the list of accounts you follow or accounts that follow you.

Other preferences (flipping.rocks/settings/preferences/other):

  • If you don't want people to be able to look up your posts on search engines like Google, check "Opt-out of search engine indexing for your profile page".
    Note: It is up to search engines to respect this, and not all of them do.
  • Mastodon automatically generates an RSS feed for your public and unlisted posts. Anyone can use this to read your latest posts. To disable RSS, check "Opt-out of an RSS feed for your public posts".

Automated post deletion (flipping.rocks/statuses_cleanup): You can have old posts automatically deleted. You can choose when posts are deleted, anywhere from 1 week to 2 years after posting. You can also choose certain categories of posts to not automatically delete, like direct messages, posts with media, and posts with a specified number of favourites or boosts.

Account settings (https://flipping.rocks/auth/edit): You can see what devices you are logged in on, and log out of those sessions manually.

Two-factor authentication (flipping.rocks/settings/otp_authentication): You can require entering a code from an authenticator app to log in to your account.

Authorized apps (flipping.rocks/oauth/authorized_applications): You can see phone, web, or computer apps that have access to your account. If you haven't used an app for a long time, it's a good idea to revoke its access.

Mastodon/Hometown is designed to be public social media, not secure messaging. Most of the privacy/blocking features only work with platforms that respect the same rules, and there are Fediverse platforms that have been explicitly designed to get around these rules. Assume people or servers you block can still see your posts if they really want to.


This server is for public outreach and assistance as well as socializing among ourselves. Therefore, you will be able to interact with people on many other servers with different rules and levels of moderation. Please do so judiciously. If you want to argue with trolls or get into vendettas with other users, don't do it here.

Mute, block, and report generously. Report problematic posts both to me and the user's server, so that server's mods know about it. If you come across a server that proudly hosts Nazis, transphobes, police, CHUDs, insufferable reply guys, etc.—anyone who might harass or cause trouble for our server as a whole—let me know.

If I've invited you/accepted your application, it's because I trust you know how to conduct yourself online. That said, I only have so much time for moderation and mediation. Even if you do not explicitly break any rules, if you have a history of doing so or if you cause undue trouble for me or other users, I will boot your ass.